‘Ethos’, a film on why we need to be conscious consumers
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‘Ethos’, a film on why we need to be conscious consumers

Have you watched Ethos yet? If you haven’t, please do. It’s a short documentary film that shows how unregulated corporate power affect politics. It shows how media is designed to control our buying habits to drive the economy. It shows how consumerism drives the push for more resources, exhausting our local resources, which later provides … Continue reading


A confession after watching ‘Confessions’ (2009)

‘Confessions’ is a 2009 Japanese film about a mother’s revenge. Sounds simple, but this psychological thriller is amazingly deep, depicting human nature at its worst while exposing the many flaws for a just society. The cinematography is made visually stimulating with fast speed cameras, and accompanied by an eerily appropriate soundtrack. But, the best thing … Continue reading