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My take on the Malaysia vs Singapore food fight

Spent the better part of this morning’s 40-min commute to my office reading about Malaysia vs Singapore’s food fight. A recent international survey said that Singapore’s hawker food is better than Malaysia’s Penang food. Well, maybe it’s true. Or maybe it’s not because I do agree with the Penang minister that Singapore can market itself … Continue reading

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From a restaurateur: Seeing the world as it is.

He’s not a foreigner, he’s a local Singaporean. But, this middle-aged chubby restaurateur has spent 6 months in the United States and many more years in Australia. He moved back from Perth to Singapore about 4-5 years ago. He claims to have had personally served the Queen of Spain, the Prime Minister of Australia, even addressing … Continue reading

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Heard of slip-skin grapes? Neither did I… till now.

A fruit that can make your mind go berserk! The slip-skin Campbell Early (or Korean) grape. Many said it tastes like champagne. They might be right. But, being brought up to love the king of fruits, I thought that it has more similarities to the durian than anything else. Pungent and aromatic with a smooth, jelly-like texture that melts in your mouth, that one grape was just too overwhelming to my senses. Continue reading