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On why Singaporeans and other urban dwellers need to preserve Bukit Brown

Nearly a year of awareness-building for Bukit Brown, it is still an issue ignored by the larger, mainstream Singapore community. Maybe, it is mainly because Bukit Brown a.k.a “Coffee Hill” is a Chinese burial ground, and death is always a taboo topic. No human being, except probably the Mexicans with their ‘memento mori’ culture, like … Continue reading

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Protect the Malaysian rainforests, protect the vampire moth

Another reason to protect the Malaysian rainforests: We are home to the only known blood-sucking moth of the Lepidoptera order, the Calpe eustrigata. It was first found in Malaya (now known as Peninsular Malaysia) by Hans Bänziger in 1968. There were further studies on them in 1970, 1975 and 1979. But, major research on it … Continue reading

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Bhutan’s pledge to be the first 100% organic nation

Bhutan, the country with a unique philosophy of measuring “Gross National Happiness” instead of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), has a new goal: To be the first 100% organic nation. Interesting that for a country without wealth and modern education, they are extremely forward-thinking. More on Bhutan’s pledge to be an organic nation here:,11126,0,0,1,0 Related … Continue reading

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The call for anthropophilia to solve global issues

Anyone interested in changing our mindset for the sake of humanity must read Andrew Revkin’s “Anthropophilia” along with Daniel Goleman’s “Anthropocene Thinking” and Scott D. Sampson’s “Interbeing”. They can be found in, but nothing beats reading these ideas on paperback. Have you got your “A-ha!” feeling today? If not, go and read one article in the website now. Don’t end the day without learning something new. Continue reading

‘Ethos’, a film on why we need to be conscious consumers
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‘Ethos’, a film on why we need to be conscious consumers

Have you watched Ethos yet? If you haven’t, please do. It’s a short documentary film that shows how unregulated corporate power affect politics. It shows how media is designed to control our buying habits to drive the economy. It shows how consumerism drives the push for more resources, exhausting our local resources, which later provides … Continue reading