Inspirational thought: Think rocks

Do you love the word, “rock”? I do. I really do.

Everybody Likes Stone Stacks
Stone Stacks (Photo credit: stachelig)

As a metaphor, the rock can mean solidarity and stability or ever-lasting calmness, as in “to be as constant as rocks.” In times where I feel myself getting frustrated and angry, I imagine my inner character as a rock. Nothing and no one should sway my inner being. I am as steady as a rock. The Japanese treasure peace, calm and tranquility, and often use stacked pebbles to signify oneness and balance. Rocks are also seen as a sign of permanence. Visitors to Yonggungsa Temple in Busan, South Korea, stack pebbles in front of a Buddhist stone statue with a wish to return to the temple someday.

Yet, it can also mean instability and danger as in “rocky.” I guess because of the same reason, it can also be used for excitement as in “you rock my life” and “rock and roll.” I like to think that despite rocks being as strong as materials can be, but push through a tipping point, and the rock has to change. Change is inevitable, after all.

Ayers Rock - Uluru, Australia
Ayers Rock – Uluru, Australia (Credit: Wikipedia)

Rocks are strong, yet brittle. I could have used other materials in my metaphor like spider silk or water. But, I didn’t. Maybe it is because the rock is the epitome of strength and balance and that is what I need now. Every smooth or rough edges of the rocky formation tells a story of how a solid product is created from extreme pressure and temperature (I think of it as “challenges”) or eons of prolonged deposition of substance (“patience”). Each of us can even carry a small pebble in our pocket as a reminder that our character is built from experience and patience, and we must be strong to face life while being able to change when needed.

The rock. It can be powerful and be a symbol of everlasting survival. Think graphite. Think diamonds.

The rock. It can be changeable, dangerous and cool. Think rock and roll. Think Jaejoong‘s Mine MV. JYJ – Jaejoong – Mine MV

P.S. There are 126 valid words that contain “rock.” See more :




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