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Trip to Malaysia: A little fatter and much lighter in the pocket!

Back from Malaysia, from the world’s biggest book sales EVER, this is my current status:

1) A few pounds heavier after eating LOADS of the ultra-best Musang King durian direct from Pahang. My father bought a basket of it from his trip to Pahang with his friends. I mean, a huge basket of Musang King. As a family, we had to spend an entire night giving away the durians to close relatives, neighbours and friends. And then, we also had to help each other peel the thorny durian, store the durian into plastic containers,  wrap these containers in layers of plastic bags, put coal into the refrigerator to prevent our fridge from smelling like durian, and, of course, eat them along the way. Yummy.

This incident made me think of this durian preparation-storage-eating session as a Malaysian counterpart to the Korean kimchi preparation session. After all, this has to be done together. Best as a family.

Musang King durian

Musang King durian (Photo credit: irrational_cat)

2) A few hundred dollars lighter after buying 47 books from the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales. The pile is an assortment of novels, non-fiction on business and management, two GIGANTIC history encyclopedia — Really, to be able to buy a book that normally costs RM 500 (SGD 200) for only  RM 25 (SGD 10) is a real steal! –, a wildlife photo-book by Steve Bloom, and compilation books for books and art. Also, I bought books for a friend (novels) and my brother (manga, graphic design and a catalogue listing antique and present world coins). I’m feeling so … achieved!

After a hasty camera-taking/cataloguing/book-sorting session that lasted for seven hours, my bookshelf in Malaysia now looks like this.

Book shelf in Malaysia

Chrissy’s library in Malaysia

Why I had to take photos of my books? My brother and I are setting up a SQL database, just for our library. With that database, I would no longer fall prey into accidentally buying the same books again.

Sad to say, our library is pretty small, but it would have to suffice for now.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sales is such a wonderful concept. To those who have already been to the book fair, bringing along trolleys, shopping bags, and even huge luggage bags, don’t we just love cheap books?



3 thoughts on “Trip to Malaysia: A little fatter and much lighter in the pocket!

  1. You should buy a kindle!

    During my last trip home, I decided to downsize my life. I gave most of my library away along with most of my clothes and other “valuables”. I wish you were around…it was an eclectic list of books from all over the world, and it would certainly have made your big bad book shelf even badder 🙂

    • I am proud owner of the Samsung Note that acts as my ebook reader, music player, and handwriting device.

      But, I still like buying books, especially cheap ones. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction in holding paper and seeing a cabinet filled with books. My dream is to one day have a ceiling-to-floor bookshelf.

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