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Preferred local English radio stations

I listen to the radio a lot. It’s my way of discovering new songs. I jump from station to station, from news (BBC) to classical to easy listening and pop.

I need to write this: A brief review on selected English pop and adult contemporary radio stations in Singapore and Malaysia. In the past few months, I have tuned to Singapore’s 98.7 FM, Class 95, Power 98 and Kiss 92; and most recently, Malaysia’s Hitz FM and Lite FM.

Again and again, I find myself favouring Malaysian radio stations. The song selections are diverse and varied – I don’t like listening to the songs repeated every hour or two. More importantly, just from the voice and conversations, I feel that the deejays in Hitz and Lite have better personalities. For example, they don’t say unfunny and mean-spirited jokes that shocks me out of the enjoyment of pure music listening.

I don’t know about the Chinese channels, but this is what I feel about the English ones.

I am grateful that local radio stations are accessible anywhere across the globe via the Internet. Hitz and LITE, you are still my favourite English pop radio stations. Wherever I am.


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