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Bika Ambon Indonesian Yeast Cake

Though my company’s pantry is very paltry, occasionally when my colleagues travel overseas to meet clients, they bring back local desserts. One of my favourites is the Bika Ambon, or the Indonesian Yeast Cake.

Bika Ambon Indonesian Yeast Cake

From Wikipedia:

Made from ingredients such as tapioca and sago flour, eggs, sugar and coconut milk, Bika Ambon generally sold in pandan flavour, although now available also other flavors like banana, durian, cheese, chocolate.

Although the name contains the word “Ambon”, the name of an island and its largest city, Bika Ambon is widely known as the specialty cake of Medan in North Sumatra and often brought as a gift by those whom visited the city. The origins of Bika Ambon are not known, however there is some speculation that they came to Medan through Ambonese traders, where the locals took a liking to it. Mojopahit Street, Medan Petisah is a most famous sales region of Bika Ambon in Medan, North Sumatra. There are at least 40 stores that sell this kind of cake.

Because I like its chewy texture, I was surprised to find that my management board are afraid to eat it. It’s a little too fattening, it seems. But, it’s really yummy. Spongy-yummy. To indulge in this, I don’t mind exercising a bit more.

You need an oven to make this, but a pancake maker will do too. Check out Bika Ambon Indonesian Yeast Cake for the recipe.


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