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Protect the Malaysian rainforests, protect the vampire moth

Another reason to protect the Malaysian rainforests: We are home to the only known blood-sucking moth of the Lepidoptera order, the Calpe eustrigata.

It was first found in Malaya (now known as Peninsular Malaysia) by Hans Bänziger in 1968. There were further studies on them in 1970, 1975 and 1979.

But, major research on it has stopped since the 1970’s. I guess what David Quammen said generally about the lepidopteran species in his book, “Natural Acts” is true.

“Bimbos of the natural world: more beautiful and less interesting, arguably, than any other order of animals…  they are, zoologically, so godawful boring to contemplate.”

I found a relevant book online on blood-sucking insects. Written by Michael Lehane, the book on the Biology of Blood-Sucking in Insects, can be found here.



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