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Happy day today :)

Nyaaaa, I’m so happy today for many reasons:

  1. The good news that my family is officially a Samsung family. My entire family has Galaxy phones. Hahaha!
  2. Finally, more work to do in work.
  3. Learning an interesting course in Coursera: Organisational Analysis. It’s fun to learn without doing any tests. Hahaha!
  4. It rained heavily today, with thunderstorms that sounded like bomb strikes. Super cool. (Of course, it’s not funny if it’s a real bomb strike. I’m just using a metaphor, don’t take it literally.)
  5. My company’s Christmas Party might be held in Straitskitchen, Grand Hyatt, Singapore. You can say that I’m cheap or say that I’m infused with gluttony, but I don’t care. I’m looking forward to that buffet! Wooo!
  6. I’ve got my journal cover. At last. Look at my beautiful handmade leather A5 journal cover made by Outpost from the UK. Isn’t it gorgeous? And, the best thing is, it’s modular! I can change the inner book to a blank sketchbook, or a lined notebook, or a diary, anything according to my writing mood.

I’ve been looking for this cover for months. This is a dream that came true.

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