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This week: Empathy, Heatherwick, WAF

Yesterday, I got to hear Thomas Heatherwick speak! He is the artist responsible for the London Olympics fire cauldron and the radical furball-like British Pavilion.

What I deciphered from his expressive speech is that he succeeds in what he does because he has a lot of empathy. He cares. In his designs, he cares about the emotions invoked in the people who will see, or even live in, his designs.



I even got an autographed monograph for the company. Not for myself as I am still a little hesitant. This might sound strange to you, but buying design books makes me feel like I’m making an irreconcilable decision of my future. I still need time to ponder about my future.

No doubt, it’s good being in a design firm. If what Daniel Pink said in “A Whole New Mind” is true, the world of tomorrow will lean towards those who can think creatively in a big picture, those who can tell stories, and those who can design and create. And, most importantly, those with empathy.

Though the World Architecture Festival wasn’t as golden and sparkling as I initially thought it was going to be, I like that people there were actually conversing about the future. They were talking about better designs for climate change, for togetherness among people, for health, for the environment, and for enriching the human civilisation of the 21st century. Some were idealistic with too much philosophising that I can’t see how these ideas can be implemented now, but it’s still good that people are talking about it.


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