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Laminates – Using paper to redecorate rooms

A representative from a laminating company came by to the office today. It was eye-opening. I’m not joking, it was a tactilely and visually pleasing presentation.

My colleagues and I were told how layers of paper can be compressed and designed to look like marble, concrete, wood, vinyl, glass, and even mirrors. I have doubts whether the actual product with its overlays and underlays is 100% paper, but it’s still amazing nonetheless.

I already knew from my internship in OrganoClick that paper can be enhanced to be waterproof and fire-retardant with anti-microbial properties, but I didn’t know that you can actually make them look like other materials. Not only are laminates more affordable, they are also lightweight, can reduce the demand for premium stones and wood and almost as attractive as the desired materials.

Think about that when you want to redecorate your rooms. Laminate it.


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