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The Surfing Butterfly

A butterfly caught in the toughest of storms have to “surf” through it for survival. Similarly, our lives are as fragile as a butterfly’s, but we can weather through anything if we keep going at it. Living is not easy, but it’s very possible to live life with happiness.

That’s the purpose of this blog: To record my search for meaning and happiness. I like to think that one day, all the knowledge I’ve accumulated will click to become something special. But, before that time comes, I will write.

I write because I want to remember what I’ve learned. I write because I want to share what I’ve learned. And, I write because I want to inspire myself and maybe others to keep learning. Because you would never know which piece of knowledge is the essential one that’ll click everything together.


2 thoughts on “The Surfing Butterfly

  1. Hi Chrissy,
    A friend told me about that black pepper stopped ants, but couldn’t remember exactly what to do with it. Who knew it would be so easy and environmentally friendly!! I am passing on your knowledge, thanks,

    • I guess, you just sprinkle the black pepper on the ants’ trail.

      I’ve tried using black pepper and cinnamon powder. What I found is that they are effective, but very very temporary. Maybe a few days?

      I think the best way is still to clean the entire affected area with detergent to remove the chemical traces left behind by the ants (that create the trail).

      I’m using lavender-scented detergent for now. It works. I heard mint repels ants too.

      *I don’t use ant poison because I don’t want to kill ants. I just want them to stay away.

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