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The 4000-year-old China and us, the 20-year-old society

Reading the history of China makes me think of time.

China, the civilisation, spanned nearly four thousand years. The more successful dynasties like the Han and Tang dynasties lasted around 300-400 years. Let’s compare this to us in the modern age.

It’s only 250 years since the Industrial Revolution. We, the human civilisation who rely on the Internet and even going so far to making it a universal human right, are only 20 years old. (The commercialisation of the Internet began in the 1990s)

That’s pretty amazing! Being only a 20-year-old post-Internet society, we still don’t know how our future will look like. What will it look like in 80 years? Even then, we’ll still only be a 100-year-old society, barely reaching our fullest potential. What will it look like in 180 years or 280 years? How will future generations describe our time? The pinnacle of globalisation? The time where every country overcame its selfish nationalistic behaviour to become a single unit in solving common problems like climate change, health pandemics?


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