Inspiration / Spirituality

Wise words of the day: Look not at faults of others, look at yours.

Look not to faults of others,
Nor to their omissions and commissions.
But rather look to your own acts,
To what you have done and left undone.

When one looks down on another’s faults,
And is always full of envy,
One’s defilements continually grow;
Far is one from their destruction.

If only you would do what you teach others,
Then, being yourself controlled,
You could control others well.
Truly, self-control is difficult.

You yourself must watch yourself.
You yourself must examine yourself.
And so, self-guarded and mindful,
O monk, you will live in happiness.

Quoted from Buddha Vacana Android app.

Translated from Dhammapada 50, 253, 159, 379


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