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Stalkers, of whatever race and nationality, have four things in common:
(1) They have an amazing ability in finding out your most recent contact and whereabouts.
(2) They have an extraordinary stamina. Within months, you will start praying every day that they won’t find or contact you.
(3) They force you to be your worst self for your own self-protection, and then, make you feel guilty about being mean to them.
(4) Last but the most important characteristic of all, they will never take “No” as an answer.

Poor JYJ. Poor TVXQ. How misunderstood you are.


Recently the issue of violence against a fangirl has emerged with much heat. The famous Hero-Jaejoong of TVXQ was caught inflicting verbal/physical offense, the proof recorded as a mp3 file and up online. However, there is a lot more to this issue than what was disclosed in the media. The Korean fans had known all along that someday, there would be hell to pay because of the PRIVATES. Who are the PRIVATES? Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

Below is the original version of the recording.
“Dispatch,” the broadcast company that published this recording, purposely cut out certain parts of the recording to make it sound like Jaejoong constantly swore and inflicted physical offenses to a innocent fan girl. When in truth, this is not what had happened. NOT AT ALL.

Violence is not acceptable and inexcusable in any kind of situation, but in this case, one needs to…

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