Fame and Money, pooh. All that matters is self-pride.

Browsing through the music trends in YouTube, I feel a little dissatisfied that worthy artists I know are not getting the acknowledgement they deserve. Instead, they are succeeded by computer-generated pitches and rhythmic mindless music that is trending 20-200 million views. But, it also inspired me in some ways.

Someday, I want to tell people that it doesn’t matter how many people know your name or how much money you make. All that matters is you are happy and proud doing the things you do.

I sincerely hope that JYJ feels this way. Through TVXQ, they have reached the top of the top and inspired the K-music industry today. After breaking away, they had, and still have, problems fighting the huge music conglomerates in Japan and Korea. But, I hope that they would not give up in their goal to be artists, and not just mere idols.

I, too, hope that the people around me feels this way too. Not to be sucked down by ambitions for material success, and instead, remember to be themselves and be happy being people, and around people.

And, I hope the future me will remember this and feel this way too.


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