Song review: ‘Rainy Blue’ by Hideaki Tokunaga, JYJ, and Tohoshinki.

I hum this song a lot. It’s so beautiful. I can’t understand it unless I have the translated lyrics in front of me, but the emotions expressed by the strong vocals and sweet melody pulls you into it to feel lonely and sad. And yet, in the end, it has an optimistic feel to it. I like it a lot.

The original song was sung by Hideaki Tokunaga, and because the song has this power to capture your heart, it has since been covered by Jacky Cheung (in Chinese) and Tohoshinki/TVXQ, Hitomi Shimatani, and recently, JYJ. 

The original song is great but my favourite version is by JYJ when they sang this during the Thanksgiving Live in Dome concert. I liked Jaejoong’s rock rendition of the bridge and more importantly, the English pronunciation of JYJ’s members were better than Hideaki’s one. 

If you are a hard-core Toh0-fan like me, you would have thought that the version by all five of them would be far more superior. Ironically, it wasn’t. No matter how many times I replayed it, I can’t bring myself to like Tohoshinki’s version when all of them sang this in 2009. With six singers (five TVXQ members and Hideaki-sama himself) singing this song, not surprisingly, the song’s lonely and emotional vibe didn’t shine through. It was just bland. I wasn’t as affected as when I listened to Hideaki and JYJ’s versions.

Listening to JYJ’s Rainy Blue makes me so positive. It reinforces my opinion that JYJ will pull through and if they keep enduring this difficult phase, JYJ might succeed. Compared to when they were in TVXQ, JYJ might even achieve even greater heights, if not in volume of fans, it will be in terms of artistic achievement.

Well, if you want to disagree with me, I’ve listed here the different versions of ‘Rainy Blue’. More versions can be found in YouTube.

The original version (live): Hideaki Tokunaga – I liked this too

JYJ’s version from the Thanksgiving Live In Dome concert – I LOVE this the most! Listen to JJ’s voice during the bridge.

Jaejoong and Yoochun – Boy Pop Factory (2009)

Tohoshinki (FNS 2009) – Too saturated (in my opinion)


6 thoughts on “Song review: ‘Rainy Blue’ by Hideaki Tokunaga, JYJ, and Tohoshinki.

  1. Like you, I am a crazed JYJ fan, and Park Yu Chun biased. I too love this song so much,and amongs the 3 versions sung by different groups, I love the duet version by Yu Chun and Jae Joong best.

    Yu Chun and Jae Joong or the “Soulmates” as they call themselves can harmonise so well.If you listen to their joint composition, ” Colors and harmony”, you will appreciate what I mean.

    • The reason why I prefer the JYJ version over the duet one is because Jaejoong screwed up the bridge part in the duet… oops. Haha, I’m JJ-bias but I have to be honest.

      During the live performance, JJ improved a lot and thus, it was smooth and perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  2. OMG chrissy!!! I’m so glad I found ur blog. Seriously my thoughts on da multiple rainy blue covers are exactly the same as yours. Da one done by JYJ in tokyo dome, i can somehow feel their emotions and pain that it makes me wants to sing along. Whereas the one done by all five of them with Hideaki it somehow just turns out like all their other songs. It’s good but nothing to be wow over but I have to admit the violin at the background is a nice touch and I would prefer it if Rainy Blue incorporates violin into it but wif JYJ vocals 😀

    and yea I agree wif ur comment bout the one done btw Jae and Yoochun only. Jaejoong was a bit too pitchy for my liking and he did screw up the bridge. Jae’s my bias as well and even though I was devastated when all 5 of them broke up, I was glad that at least 3 of my fave members are still together.

    But I have to admit that now that they’ve formed JYJ, Yoochun and Junsu is slowly becoming my faves. Junsu and Yoochun’s vocals are improving tremendously but I’ve found recently in some records and lives, Jae goes off pitch very often and his voice is getting raspier and his range is no longer as high as it used to be. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! he shud seriously lay off the cigarettes.

    Anyways, i’m done with my loooong rant. sorry jus so excited to finally find someone who shares the same unbiased and objective judgement as me XD my frens just tend to be so obsessed wif Jae that even when he did badly they still praise him to the heavens.

    • Hey hey Jaenie! Nice to meet you too. Good to know another Jaejoong fan. Haha.

      I think, one good that came from the separation was that it had given the three of them a chance to explore other forms of entertainment. Junsu is doing pretty well with his solos and Yoochun’s acting is very good.

      I had the same worry about Jae’s voice, but thank God, thank God, he sang the Dream… OST for Dr. Jin. I think he sang the song very very well. My friends who are not fans of JYJ also said that the song was really touching. I especially loved the sigh at the end of the song, because by the time the song ended, all I wanted to do is sigh too. Haha.

      For me, that’s one (if not the top) of my fav songs from the JYJ group (including solos).

      But, what I’m really looking forward for is a JYJ album, with all three of them. Sigh.

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