It's my life!

So, to make people laugh, you should…

I usually don’t make people laugh. I’m too serious and, I don’t know how to tell jokes. Neither am I inclined to make fun of others or even myself.

But, today, as in this afternoon, I did. Make someone laugh, that is.

I was in art history class, looking down at my laptop. I was engrossed with typing my notes when my art history lecturer announced that there was another in-class test next week. My slow brain took some time to digest it and when it did, I looked up to nowhere in general with a face full of shocked dismay. With my eyes opened wide, and my thumb near my lips (I’ve picked up this odd habit of needing to bite something like a pen or my nails when I’m nervous), I started thinking to myself, “Next week, next week, shoot, next week??? Oh no….. not next week!”. I was so focused in my introspective dialogue that I didn’t realize that the lecturer was looking at me as he continued rambling about the test.

Suddenly, he laughed. I snapped out of my monologue but still dazed, I kept staring at him like a child who had just been forcibly jolted awake. He continued laughing and then, resumed back to talking about the test.

I think that was the funniest moment I had today, in fact in the past few weeks. He surprised me to laughter, and I amused myself too.

Surprises bring out the most unexpected side of people. And, in people like me, who are usually very controlled in our expressions, surprises are always a good thing.

So, back to the question: To make people laugh, you should:

1) Be sincere

2) Be honest in your feelings

3) Have a thick-skin and

4) Not be too sensitive

This episode is a rare one in my life. I really enjoyed it.


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