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Is it a good learning challenge or is it too ambitious?

So, my final year project, I’ll be posted to the Institute of Microelectronics with I assume several other electrical engineering students (because they are not from the bioengineering department).

On one hand, my resume is going to have the additional glowing statement that I worked in the A*Star Institute of Microelectronics for one year, which I still doubt whether it will be useful for me in the future. But, it sure says something. On the other hand, shucks, electronics is my worst nightmare. And, nanophotonics is highly related to the realm of quantum physics, which is a horrifying thought. The math, the equations. Utterly terrifying.

This, and the current dilemma I have on whether I should take or drop East-West Artistic Interactions, make me fear that I have this problem: The inability to perceive my self-limitations. I just keep thinking that I can do it all and so far, I have been succeeding in doing the things I put my mind, heart, sweat and tears into. But, will I reach my limits soon?

How do you know when it is a good challenge, or when it is just too ambitious? I really don’t know. I am a little intimidated by the challenge of an art history module and a nanophotonics project, but I think they are very interesting. And, most importantly, I don’t ever want to be limited by my own self. I don’t want to be a barrier to myself.

Sigh, how to know when you are challenging yourself, or when you are being overly ambitious driving yourself to the point of insanity?


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