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Make the difficult, a breeze…

I believe that all of us have the ability to solve most challenging matters; we just need the persistence, time, or humility (to ask someone to help us). Here, I’ll not be talking about solutions for difficult problems, but on the attitude in facing these problems.

Life can be challenging. Days can be difficult. Work can be tiresome, tedious and boring. What to do with such frustrating situations when come what may, you need to do them? 

Most of us will do them, of course. Responsibilities, consequences or even, personal integrity will push us to do them although we don’t want to. And then, we’ll channel our frustrations elsewhere. Some do aggressive physical activities, some do milder stuff like baking or cooking, or by endless chatting (whining, complaining, grumbling).

But, today, I realized there is a need to vent out our frustrations because we are facing these problems with dread, grief, or terror. If we make the process of solving that problem fun and interesting in the first place, we would not be frustrated, we would not be angry, and we don’t need to find de-stress mechanisms.

How we see time is relative, right? It depends on our emotions and perceptions. If we keep thinking that this particular work or activity is boring, we’ll find that time will seem to drag on. A few seconds seem like many minutes, and the longer you do it, the more frustrated and the more stressed you become.

And so, vice versa. If we can make the boring ‘fun’, time will go by without us even realising it. And, hey, you’ll be productive because of your positive work attitude. Once you enjoy work, you are happier doing it, and thus, more alert, more creative, and you work faster too.

In my case, I’m currently working on organising content for my institute’s website. It’s not an easy task because four-years of information are either missing or everywhere. Some are in the written reports, some are in another institution’s website, or even repeated information in different webpages. Undated reports, and incorrect names are just part and parcel of this job. It’s not a fun task at all.

But, today! I found that time passed by very quickly. Before I knew it, I have passed through the most difficult hurdles of the job (arranging four years of ‘Publications’ and ‘Past Events’ information). Only when I was in the bus back home, I realized that I was incredibly efficient today.

And, how? Music. Music!

Adam Lambert, Coldplay, My Chemical Romance, and Tokio Hotel’s music are inspirational, for lack of a better word. Maybe, I should say they’re ‘energizers’. Maybe, it’s the percussions, or the lyrics or the melody, I don’t know. I’m not an expert in psychology of music. But, all I know is that they gave me the drive to suck it up, think of work as easy, and while being mind-blown by the rhythm of the music, my fingers just kept typing away, completing work in no-time at all.

I can’t say that this tactic will work for everybody, though. I have always been the type that can multitask. For example, watching TV or listening to music while studying, or reading or chatting. Of course, there are consequences to having this skill, but I have found it quite useful.

This is because, it’s how our brain works. Scientists say that females are better in multitasking. An article about this here:

Yup, so, this method is not for every person. But, it works for me.

Lastly, I would like to say this: Thank you whomever who started music (possibly, the Africans) for the music. You make my life great!

P.S. Thank you, Adam Lambert for existing! And, Coldplay’s latest song is wonderful. Have you heard it yet?


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