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Why is Glee pure genius?

You may call me childish, immature, and a little crazy. I watch Glee videos on YouTube and listen to Glee music almost every day (or at least, every two or three days). I can’t help it. They make me deliriously happy.

It is one of the most different shows on TV. Let’s cast aside those sitcoms, which are great for a few laughs but a little too frivolous for those with a more serious disposition, and forget about those unrealistic dramas of silly love affairs and pointless angst. Reality shows are not for those who dislike stress and hypocrisy, and though crime and psychological serials are intellectually stimulating, sometimes they are just too taxing for an over-worked brain. That’s why Glee is great. To those who keep denying the genius of Glee, admit it, you allowed your overly critical nature to ruin the show for you. Poor you.

Each episode of Glee is thematic, thus it is able to build a creative plot revolving around relationships, serious issues such as race, religion (“Grilled Cheesus“), sex (“Do You Wanna Touch Me“), and intoxicants (“Blame it on the Alcohol”), or just for pure entertainment such as “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”, or paying special tributes to mega-stars like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga. Glee is like a live-action musical version of The Simpsons… just with a little less ‘duh’ blank-faced moments when you don’t get their jokes.

Your emotions are never constant when you watch Glee.

Due to its sheer magnificence, it can give you the goosebumps. 

It can be poignant. 

It can inspire you and make you cry. 

Or, it can be simply outrageous! 

And, the best salient feature of this show is that it uses music, that powerful language that transcends borders, time and space. Whether it’s on purpose, or by accident, Glee is playing an important role in bridging the gap between generations (tween, youths, Gen X, whatever). Although there are complaints of Glee singing bad covers of original songs, I think that this series is re-introducing those long-forgotten songs into society. Glee is reviving the past by giving them a modern twist and allowing youths to recognize the beauty of those evergreen jewels. Among my favourite mashes are “Thriller/Heads Will Roll“, “Umbrella/Singin’ in the Rain“, “It’s My Life/Complicated“, “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty“), without forgetting contemporary music either (Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know“, Madonna’s “I Love New York“,  or Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills“).

And, not only between age groups, Glee is also introducing more people to the fabulous world of musicals. Wicked, Les Misérables, Funny Girl, and Grease. My god, it’s a brilliant series. It’s so brilliant that it’s even featured in the Tony Awards.

They’re the best thing ever along with the short-lived Pushing Daisies! And, if anyone dare to scoff, snicker, or sneer at me for liking Glee, I might just be tempted to… to punch that person on the nose.

Oh well, if only I was the type to do that. I won’t do anything, but well, it’s their loss. *Shrug*

Signing out,
Proud to be a Gleek!


2 thoughts on “Why is Glee pure genius?

  1. Why Glee is not pure genius:
    1. The acting is weak to nonexistent.
    2. The singing is just alright.
    3. The cheesiness is disturbing.

    • I don’t agree about the poor acting (a few of the actors have received Emmy nominations), and even if they’re not the best actors around, they’re still young. About the songs, yes, they lip-sync. And, yes, some of their covers are just mediocre; but they have good performances too. And, even if their voices are slightly computerized, most artists now are anyway (except maybe Adele). Cheesiness, oh well, that depends. What you might find cheesy now, might not be in the future. But, if you don’t like sentimentality, well, that closes the door for you for many shows, right? No chic-flicks, a majority of Asian dramas, goodbye rom-coms, and goodbye dancing Bollywood movies. Anyway, Glee features different themes, so it’s not cheesy 24/7. It’s funny, most of the time… and everytime Sue Sylvester is on-screen.

      I find that Glee is a very creative venture. Hey, it is introducing 1980’s music, and even 1960-1970’s musicals to younger generations. I think that’s very awesome.

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