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Time to reflect? A question on friends and keeping time

You know what gets me really crossed? I don’t mind people being late or missing appointments with me, but I get really riled up when they tell me at the eleventh hour or worse, nothing at all till the moment I have to take the initiative to call and ask about their whereabouts.

I get so extremely annoyed by this. Sometimes I wonder why I put up with them,  and more often than not, think I ought to get friends who respect my time, and be kind enough to be punctual.

But, on the other hand, this makes me wonder if I’m too petty about this. I get really ashamed by myself when I feel like this. I’ve often felt that to voice out this honest feeling of mine to those who dishonour me and my time is a mean and spiteful thing to do. So, I always bottle it up and swallow the lump of anger I have.

But, being this silent about my feelings, is this why I’m always left to wait 20-30 minutes for my friends? Not one time but on several, many occasions. Friends who don’t respect my time, does that mean that they don’t think of me at all? Have they no conscience?

Am I just too petty about this? Or, is it time for me to reconsider my relationships? Friends who don’t treasure other people’s precious time, are they friends?


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