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Rainy days: Tears, romance, sleep

Rainy days are the most wonderful times of the year, if you are living in the tropics. Especially when the pelting raindrops hit the ground like rocks accompanied by strobes of lightning and rumbling thunders. Thunderstorms are lovely…

This morning was like that. I would have love to snuggle up in my comfy bed in the gray darkness, and read or listen to great music. I would have just love to have the time to stare out of the window and look at the water droplets rolling down the windowpane. But, I had to get back to work after the many days of being away for my grandma’s funeral.

Why do rainy days make us teary? Or at least, me? Whenever it rains, I just feel like crying. There’s this certain heaviness in my heart… Hmm…

Maybe it’s because when it rains, I always listen to pop songs. Remember John Cusack’s character in ‘High Fidelity’? He once pondered, “Am I miserable because I listen to pop songs, or do I listen to pop songs because I’m miserable?”. I relate to that because pop songs, no matter how frivolous they are, describes our everyday lives. So, maybe, pop song?

Or, maybe it’s because I find rain beautiful? When I was in Sweden, the one thing I missed most (besides family, food, feline friend and friends) was the heavy showers. I like the cleanness of rain. I like how everything seem so refreshed after a few minutes (or hours) of rain. I like the sight, smell and sounds of the aftermath of a thunderstorm. So, maybe?

Anyway, I just feel like crying. So, I would usually watch a tear-jerker or a musical (usually a classic starring Cary Grant, or maybe, Gene Kelly in “Singin’ in the Rain’), and cry.

It’s such a relief to cry. A de-stress mechanism too.


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