It's my life!

I wanted the alarm to ring at 9, but I got a whole lot more instead…

Thanks to ‘Bedazzled’, ‘I Dreamed of Jeannie’, the tale of the fisherman who caught a Genie, and many more fables and fantasies with fairy-folks, we know that we should be careful on what we wish for because somehow or rather, it’ll be misinterpreted (the English language and all its subtle innuendo). But, still, I wished. I wished that despite my failing alarm clocks and that I’m giving myself only two hours of sleep, I will still wake up at 9-ish in the morning.

I got a lot more than expected. The fire alarm rang today at the most singular hour of 8.03am. I would have said ungodly but that would have been too much (after all, to many, 8am is a normal working hour). Not for me, though. I’m nocturnal.


Jolted up from a deep slumber, having checked that I’m somewhat presentable, I quickly grabbed my phone and keys before opening the room door. When I saw that I couldn’t use both elevators the first thought running through my mind was “Oh, there is a lift breakdown with someone trapped in the lift”, although thinking back, it was foolish of me to think that considering that both elevators were stuck in the first floor. How could anyone be trapped in the lift at the first floor? Well, I forgive myself as my mind was still in sleep mode as I was rudely jolted out from my 2-hour sleep.

Anyway, after running down and up again, two other RAs and I discovered that someone broke the fire alarm emergency glass. The broken glass triggered a switch, which created this series of events, and ultimately leading to two security guards — a very chubby Malay officer and a more fit, but much older Chinese officer — to dash up heroically over 16 flights of stairs to witness first-hand of the broken fire alarm on the 8th floor.

And, because of my natural inquisitiveness in anything outside the ordinary, here I am sitting at the small steps, staring at the red broken alarm, posing as its temporary bodyguard to ensure that it is not triggered again before maintenance came to fix it.

I could just leave a note for others to not touch it, but can I handle the responsibility if it rings again? I gave my contact details to the nice security officers, thereby making yours truly accountable.

So, I’ll be here glaring at the alarm that gave me an early start to a very sunny Tuesday, wondering who was the sadistic fellow who broke the glass, and reading my last chapters on people who ‘pica’ (eat non-food stuff like clay, ice, and crayons).

A later update to this story is that the office administration came, took pictures, told me not to worry about it, and that I can go back to my room. So, that’s just what I did.


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