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What is tee nya kuih?

I’m hoping one of you can help me and my sister (and I think, the entire Malaysian community who only recognize this delicacy with its Chinese-transliterated name).

Tee Nya Kuih. Courtesy of babe_kl@Flickr

Tee nya kuih is a chewy cold dessert. On its own, it’s bland, but with gula melaka syrup, it’s a highly addictive deadly decadent dessert. My sister, myself and those who call it tee nya kuih (through Google) only know it exists in one place in Malaysia: The New World Park in Penang.

As further evidence, even in (This is my favorite Asian foodie website ever. It lists down a fantastic range of delicious Nyonya and Malaysian recipes), it says:

Tee Nya Kuih are rice cakes with brown sugar / palm sugar syrup. This Chinese delicacy is getting harder and harder to find these days. A must try. Pandan flavor is also available.

New World Park

So, my questions are: What is ‘tee nya kuih’ in English or Malay? And, if anyone knows how to make it, or knows where to get it in Singapore or in Kuala Lumpur, please share with us.


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