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These days, I carry a large bag for one reason: Coffee

Open up my bag and you’ll find two bottles: My 16oz Starbucks tumbler accompanied with the Robert Timms’ Instant Premium Espresso bottle. I carry them everywhere, be it to the office at 9am or to the Computer Centre at midnight.

With an average of 5-6 hours of sleep a day, and the probability of it reducing to 4 in the coming days, I need a chemical to deliver tiny shocks to my sleep-deprived neurons. And, this espresso powder sure packs a powerful punch.

I bought it 2 weeks ago to bake a Katharine Hepburn chocolate-espresso brownie. And, for that, I would like to thank my friends who wanted to bake brownies and cupcakes, and to thank my past self for having the foresight of buying good coffee (at least, it’s better than Nescafé).

Espresso for an artificially awakened brain and body. That’s the way to go.

A friend commented that sleep deprivation is fattening. My reply to him: Yes, I already know that, thank you very much. But, between work (and reading and watching TV) and sleeping, I prefer the former a hundred times over. I’ll just need to find more time to go to the gym, and thus, get even less sleep. Hurray!

I’m still having my vacation now. When school term starts, will I have to do the 33 hours of no sleep again? That was a moment of pure torture. Oh, this reminds me of an ancient torture technique called the Chinese water torture, which can drive people insane.  Guess what, Mythbusters confirmed this myth. How exciting, who knew sleep deprivation can make you go crazy? Oh, after writing those two sentences, I realised that I should be worried for my sanity.

But, oh well, mind matters aside. For now, though, coffee, my best friend, please stay effective for me always.


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