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Whenever I feel insecure, I read… horoscopes

I am an educated human being (after 20 years of institutionalized education, I better be!), and I know that stereotyping 7 billion people into 12 zodiac beings depending on their astrological lunar month is plain irrational. There are also questions like ‘What if it is an induced birth? Which zodiac would the baby be? The artificial induced birth-time or the supposedly real one?’ that disprove astrology.

Further, because of Earth’s wobble, this shifts most of us to a different zodiac sign such as, I might be a Taurus instead of a Gemini. Read more here: According to science, astrology is an unproven hypothesis. The same goes with Chinese astrology. Can you believe that I’m still shallow enough to be proud to be a Dragon, even though there are millions of other people born in the same period? Like I said, plain illogical.

As I read and listen to more psychology podcasts, one explanation for our obsession with horoscopes is because we ARE irrational. We want certainty in this uncertain journey that we call life. And, our answer to this illogical demand is astrology (whether it’s Indian, Chinese, Western).

With astrology, we are reassured that something out there explains our specific characteristic or personality trait. We are reassured that for whatever mistakes we made, we can push the blame to our horoscopes or our set inert personality. We are reassured that it is not something that we can control.

Thus, it is human nature to search for meaning and stories to explain our lives. We continuously take in new bits and pieces of information, input them in our current understanding of life, and thus, recalibrate our life.

But, let me say, I read astrology for fun. I believe that all of us probably don’t suit any zodiac in particular. The reason why we relate to certain zodiac signs is because we shape ourselves to fit the criteria. The same goes for personality tests. We are such smart human beings but we want to feel like we belong somewhere, so we fit ourselves to a certain group. But, we forget. That we are also excessively complicated.

A sociologist (I forgot his name but will get back to this later) once said that we don’t have a set personality, but we constantly modify it according to situations, experiences and the people we meet. I tend to agree with this argument (although psychologists especially behaviourists such as B.F. Skinner) would beg to differ.

I feel that it’s getting unnecessarily complicated and it’s time for me to get back to water law. So, that’s it from me for now. I still love reading astrology, though. It’s interesting to read how people can come up with interesting stories out of constellations.


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