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What do you do to motivate yourself to do lots of work?

What drives you to do work?

My theme for today is do-super-a-lot-of-work day!

My working model for self-motivation is to immerse myself in a particular type of environment. Not too intense like the study rooms or the libraries in campus (what a horrifying thought), not too distracting (McDonald’s has just too much food) and not prison-like (my hostel room).

It must be a place with a superb ambient, accessible food and drinks (I need a sugar and caffeine-rush), and most importantly, it must have a power source and Internet-access. Add a great music playlist, or a drama/movie playing in the background, and that’s perfection.

(Yes, similar to people and myself, I demand a lot from my laptop. It has to have at least 2 browsers open with dozens of tabs, a video or music playing in the background, several Microsoft Office documents open, and of course, Facebook, GTalk, MSN, and Skype).

Back to the perfect site for work: What does that mean? It’s a trip to Starbucks today!

Starbucks logo

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And, only one specific Starbucks does it for me. Have I told you how much I love Wheelock Place’s Starbucks?

It’s time to force myself to sit down, reply emails, read tonnes of articles on water rights (and rights to water… blah, legal stuff), write a movie review, reply more emails, and if I have some time, read on virtue ethics.

My friends and family constantly asked me on why do I do this to myself? Why take on so much to do? Why not just relax?

Well, one thing is that last December, I learned the surest way to get unmotivated is to be lazy. I had so much free time that I was getting stressed out because I had so much time!

Okay, I do agree that it is pure luxury to have a lazy day. Sometimes, I stay indoors all day, and slouch around (think Bruno Mars’ ‘The Lazy Song’). But, to do it every single day, it is a slow but sure way to get an extremely dull life.

So, I love work. Doing work and being proactive always give me the dopamine rush needed to boost my internal happiness. And, I need it in buckets these days to endure plenty of insufferable somethings.


3 thoughts on “What do you do to motivate yourself to do lots of work?

  1. Haha. I can’t help but so agree with you as I went through the ‘aimless, lazy, nth to do whole day’ life during last summer. It was so bad that I start to find things to do myself. So I will never complain being busy during work, only when working we are learning.

  2. That is really true.. Should be glad that we have something in our mind to keep us occupied.. an empty mind is a dangerous mind..hehe..

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