Learning the sad, but important lesson of pushing work around

Learned another thing in the chapter of office politics.

When a colleague gives you a job that he could have easily done it himself, just say yes and do the bare minimum.

And, even better. To prevent that colleague from giving you more work next time, don’t report anything that you know would induce him to give you more work (e.g. If an email bounced, do what you can to find the updated contact. If you’re unable to do so, put a note to not email the fella in the future, and cover it up instead of informing and starting the cycle of wasting two more hours finding and calling the contact).

No wonder I hear stories of employees hiding potentially important information from top management. It’s because they are unmotivated to do more work because of this culture to push work to everyone else.

Once that poisonous culture exists in a workplace, even the most motivated employee will feel frustrated and under-appreciated. I hate pointing fingers, but this is really the fault of the top management.


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