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Going back to my tweens with…

When I shared this in Facebook weeks ago, I commented that the music video does not sync well with what the song is trying to express. It’s true. I still think it’s highly ironic when she says she’s no beauty queen, but there she is, in the video, dressed up from head to toe.

But, I really like this song by Selena Gomez and The Scene.

Okay, to be honest, I like all songs along this vein as shown by my liking of Miley Cyrus’ ‘The Climb’, My Chemical Romance’s ‘Sing for the World’, Pink’s ‘Less than Perfect’, Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the Way You Are’ and on and on.

So, Just throw in phrases like, ‘you are worth it’, ‘inspiration’, ‘don’t demean yourself’, ‘don’t worry, be happy’ or anything related to self-motivation, and ta-da I’m your perfect fan. Just like millions of other youths seeking for the grand meaning of life.

Like I said, I really like this song. Will be sharing this here again.


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