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For now, I’m a happy trash-collector.

For the past few weeks, we organized a donation spree in Kuok Foundation House. In fact, it’s still ongoing. Besides reducing the burden of stuff for residents who were moving out, these unwanted things will find new owners within the residence itself, and later, within needy charity organisations.

But, first, as a resident assistant, it falls on my shoulders to clean up the mess left by my former neighbours. We prepared a large box for each floor, but obviously, it was not enough. Especially, for a girls’ floor.

A donation box in KFH. It's tidy and empty... as we've just cleaned it

The stuff one girl can contribute should be considered an environmental hazard. Imagine cosmetics, bags, shoes, food, paper, files, books, belts, kitchen ware, earthenware, and lots of clothes piled in one heap.

A few days ago, sick and bothered by the mess, I transferred those stuff using an old rickety trolley to a designated empty room on the first floor.

Let me tell you, dear reader, stuff is a huge burden to the environment, to our pockets, and to the trash-collectors whose dreary manual jobs are to transfer them to another place (e.g. a landfill). But, it is a fact that we all love stuff. It is human nature to want things (and, that’s why we suffer).

Since I’m not aiming for a monastic Buddhist life, I will admit, I like stuff and will continue to shamelessly accumulate stuff in my life, as long as it’s within my budget. Like in this case, taking the opportunity as a trash collector.

Of course, the trash I’m dealing with is dry and clean and thank God, maggot-free. But, I still had to deal with smelly shoes, mouldy clothes, leftover spilt food, dusty surfaces and heavy, bulky items. Nevertheless, the fruits of my labour is having the first pick of unwanted items.

I took many things. I figured that these stuff needed a new caring owner anyway, so, why not me?

Thanks to my ex-residents, now, I have a cute teddy bear to accompany my small turtle plushie. I have fulfilled my craving for new bags, with small bags and big bags, monotone blackish-brown bags and colourful ones. I finally have a grater for cheese and vegetables. Three other important things I collected were an umbrella, a wooden shoe-rack, and a much-needed 4-port USB hub. I can now bid goodbye to my broken umbrella, placing my shoes on cheap cardboards, and to the days of surviving on only 2 USB ports. Lastly, I found music CDs and two books. Don’t you know? I’m building a mini-library in my room.

Look, look at the picture of my new stuff. Aren’t stuff just so…. nice to have?

My new stuff... donated by ex-residents


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