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Two dumb things I did today

I lost money today. It’s not a large amount, but enough for me to ache for.

Knowing myself and having caught myself countless times in the past (stopping myself from making the mistake), I knew that it is a matter of time that someday I would forget to catch myself and thus, make this mistake. That someday was today.

Anyway, it’s just money that can be easily redeemed. I’ll save, scrape, and suffer a little this week to make up for that amount.

The second mistake was more foolhardy and careless, and potentially dangerous. On Sunday, my mom had given me a bottle of dietary fibre pills. If you are unfamiliar with the size of these supplement pills, let me enlighten you.

Thick and circular with a diameter of probably around 2.5cm, these pills are huge. They are meant to be chewed, but because I was impatient and I disliked the tangy yet sickening taste, I swallowed two of them at the same time.

Imagine swallowing two insoluble pills larger than the Singaporean 50 cent coin. I was horrified. I managed to swallow them but immediately, I could feel them taking residence in the middle of my throat. Fortunately, I could still breathe, but the pills lodged in my throat were painfully uncomfortable.

These pills were a stubborn lot, refusing to dissolve or to move with the esophageal peristalsis. When I began having cold sweats and teary eyes, I quickly rushed by four uniformed officers to avoid unnecessary attention towards the washroom. I had to vomit them out. And, guess what? Those pills were still in their perfectly circular shape. Oh, dear God!

The day is only halfway through. It’s been eventful enough, so will the rest of the day be a calm, boring one?


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