It's my life!

Random sounds do not make music in the exam room!

Time’s ticking by. I was praying for inspiration to answer one of my toughest exams in this semester, but I couldn’t help getting distracted by the racket my neighbours were making all around me.

They were such ordinary sounds. In everyday life, they would get droned out by other sounds and would hardly distract you from anything. But, in the exam room, oh gosh, they drove me nearly crazy.

Loud, rapid paper shuffling accompanied by creaking chairs and how could I ignore the incessant throat-clearing by the guy behind me. The noise slowly rose to a crescendo when knees started banging on the table-sides and even, pencil cases being zipped or slammed shut without any consideration for others.

Noise was one thing. Movements was another. On my left, a girl was impatiently slouching on her chair while staring at her paper and the clock. On my right, a guy kept sighing (oh, so very loudly) and squirming behind his table. It was not as if I was looking at them directly, but this was all within the peripheries of my eyes. Thus, I couldn’t help getting disturbed by their restlessness.

This were added irritants to my already frustrated self. While blankly staring at my paper, I was having an internal monologue crying out, “Oh dear God, why is the exam so different from the previous years? Oh, why did the lecturers find it necessary to ask on one particular slide, that of all slides, I skipped? Those dratted unbonded strain gage! They will be haunting my dreams whenever I think of bio-instrumentation in the future.”

And, as a cherry on top, I woke up with an aching stiff neck today. Thus, I feel most comfortable with my head tilted slightly towards the right. So, at that very moment, there was this particular girl with a lopsided head, going nutty over the exam paper, and batty about the noise and annoying motions in the exam room.

But, time stops for no one and soon it was time to hand in the paper. After the exam ended, I foolishly notice, once again, that feelings are so transient. Feelings appear there and then, and are so quickly forgotten. After that, having accidentally finding an empty large box (that I can use for collecting donated items), getting a surprise phone call (giving me a much-needed part-time job), and having a nice slow dinner, now, I think it’s okay to call May the 4th a semi-good day.

All’s well that end’s well, I guess. One thing’s, for sure. I still have a long way to go in achieving the goal of not letting inconsequential sights, sounds, smell and people affect my equilibrium.


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