Making the bed brings happiness?

Bring Back My Happiness

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That might not be true. It might be a fallacy. It might just be people who make their beds come from better circumstances, or do other activities that bring them happiness.

But, the data sure is convincing. I urge you to read this very witty and thought-provoking blog post, based on The Happiness Project. The hypothesis is that if you start your day with a little organization such as brewing your own coffee or making your own bed, you would most likely have a happier, more productive day.

This puts me to a blush but I don’t make my bed. I usually wake up, take my shower, dilly-dally here and there till the very last moment when I would quickly grab my shoes and run to class.

But, after this, my new daily goal is: Make the bed, make a happy life. Will you do the same?


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