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Harboring hope for Talent Corps

Today, The Star Malaysia, published a feature on a mathematician-turned-script-writer who is now working for the newly established Talent Corps.

The Talent Corps aims to curb the brain drain problem in Malaysia by creating incentives to attract highly skilled Malaysians working overseas to return back to Malaysia.

Though there are many skeptical critics on the success of this idea (my father is one of them), I think this idea, along with Teach for Malaysia, are very good efforts. Though the Malaysian government has had a poor reputation for good follow-throughs on its plans, at least with the launch of these two programmes, there is a hope. One step at a time, I say.

In a world where people are striving for high pay, equal opportunity and status, solving the brain drain problem in Malaysia will not be simple. But, I really hope that from these efforts, we will see that to make positive changes, we must make the effort ourselves,instead of always complaining about the government and the existing policies. And, the best way to contribute to the change, in my opinion, is to be there, at the scene of the action.


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