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My best kept secret…

I have been keeping this secret for months. I am in love. It’s such a special feeling that all I really want to do is keep this a secret forever.

But, I cannot do so. It will be extremely selfish of me. It’s so worthy of being boasted, being publicized, being seen. So, I’m letting the cat out of the bag. Literally.

A few months ago during my book-hunting spree, I stumbled upon Cat Socrates, a book cafe. It’s easy to miss it as it is hidden away in the corners of Bras Basah Complex.

Its exterior is just like the typical Singaporean book store. Just a postcard rack featuring current events and a pink stand-up banner. Nothing out of the ordinary to distinguish itself from its neighbouring book and art shops.

But, inside, it tells a whole different story. Dim amber lights and quirky east Asian acoustic music just give the exhibited products a special exotic feeling. Actually, I think the apt phrase to describe the emotions I have every time I am here is “Once you enter the store, you just feel like buying something”. Just today, only by tightly clenching my fingers was I able to resist the temptation of buying a collection of cat stickers.

The items sold in the store are unlike what I’ve oft seen in other stores. Just think, how would a book store look like if an imaginative kid is given full authority on its interior design. There will be toys, for sure. There will be beautifully illustrated everything. There will be useless miniatures whose sole purpose is to be cute.

The store features a wide range of beautifully crafted stationery, wind-’em-up tin toys, and a whole lot of random bits of people’s lives. In fact, this is what Cat Socrates is about. Finding ways to make memories last an eternity. Its photographs, scrap-books, journals, and postcards is the pride of the store.

After discovering this store, my obsession for leatherbound books evaporated. Why settle for plain when you can have one-of-a-kind notebooks with handmade illustrated covers that shouts out your identity? When I saw a hardcover with a drawing of Darwin’s evolutionary tree, my soul just kept lighted up and said, “That’s me! I must have it.”

Cat Socrates lives up to its name. A cafe for the scholars (those passionate for beauty, art, writing, photography, design, creativity, music, nature) with a playful and mischievous nature just like a cat. Meow!

Cat Socrates is a diamond in the rough. A place for the quirky. A place for the creative soul. A place for those who love beauty. Whether you’re there to shop for yourself, souvenirs, or just for window-shopping, please just, just visit it.



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