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Bad luck? Just fix it.

Today, I woke up feeling refreshed and alert. Almost immediately, I felt a twinge of fear in my chest. I knew something was wrong. I shouldn’t be feeling so good as I should only have had two hours of sleep. My eyes quickly sought out my alarm clock. I had set it to ring at 7. It was 10.40am.

And, so my Wednesday began.

I had a lunch meeting at noon, so, I plunged into a frenzy of hurried actions, and managed to leave the apartment an hour later. In the midst of running to the Arts canteen, I experienced the worst thing that can happen to a girl (second only to entering the the male toilet, which I almost did just two months ago). I wrecked my flimsy flip-flops. I can no longer walk.

The thing is about flip-flops, or thong sandals, is that if the Y-shaped strap is torn, it is almost impossible to walk with it. Without the strap, there is nothing securing the foot to the sole.

I leaned against the metal pillar at the stairways towards Eusoff Hall and took a deep breath. I needed a rope, or glue or something to repair that damaged strap. But, all I had were safety pins, medical band-aids, stationery, an umbrella, books and a white hat.

A-ha. Who knew that this humble hat, bought in Bangkok, would be my saviour? At the back of the hat was a long piece of cloth tied into a ribbon.

At first, I tried tying  the ribbon in the most obvious way by using it to link the front strap of the shoe to the back. But, the ribbon was too thick and too white. I would stick out wearing that slipper dressed up with a messy white ribbon.

Next, I thought, “What if I tried to hide this ribbon by hiding it in between my foot and the wooden sole?”

Eureka! It worked! It was barely noticeable. Because of this, I was able to continue being in school for the next 10 hours without getting noticed by my lunch-mates, and group-mates.

At the end of the day, wearing that temporarily fixed slipper eventually left my foot aching. As I carefully limped back home, I reveled in the fact that I didn’t let that incident ruined my entire day.

The day started out so horrible, but that doesn’t mean it had to end deplorably. Bad luck can be overcome through sheer will-power. In this case, innovation triumphed everything.

So, the next time you wake up grumpy, force a smile. If this doesn’t work, have something sweet for breakfast/lunch. There’s nothing better than something yummy to bring forth a jolly and merry day.

If you met with something or someone unlikable, just take a deep breath and flush it, him or her away from your system. Why let that ruin your day?

And, if you damaged something, stop fretting. And, just fix it.


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