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Age is just a number: Dot Fisher-Smith

I’m a fickle creature, but there’s one wish that has remained steadfast, ever since I first read of Halley’s Comet when I was five. I want to live to the age of 76, still physically fit to travel and with healthy still-functioning sensory organs.

But, Dot Fisher-Smith is just amazing. She truly proves that age does not matter as long as you have passion in your heart to just do it. I want to be like her too!

Read about her here:

Though 82-year-old Dot Fisher-Smith spent much of her life protesting injustice, probably her most famous moment came in 1996 when she was chained by the neck to a logging truck near the Croman Mill in Ashland.

She and 12 others were arrested that day for protesting one of a hundred timber sales Congress had exempted from environmental constraints and administrative challenges. A Mail Tribune photo of Fisher-Smith with a bicycle lock around her neck flashed around the world, evoking sympathy, humor and support for the archetypal “little old lady” raging nonviolently against the machine…


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