Michael Bublé and his awesome videos

I can’t help it.

Triggered by his latest music video, “Hollywood”, I embarked on a Michael-Bublé-MV-watching-spree.

I love most of his songs. ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ is just so cheerful! ‘Home’ just makes me cry. I love everything about ‘Everything’. Being a drama-queen, ‘Cry Me a River’ is so… me. And, his Frank Sinatra covers are amazing!

The following are my favourite MVs (based on the video’s effectiveness in accentuating the beauty of the songs). I’ve obtained the links from available videos in Youtube. Enjoy! They’ll just leave you grinning the whole day through.

Hollywood – What can I say, but, it was such great fun watching this! Fun parodies, especially the one of Justin Bieber!

Hollywood Lyric Version – I like this concept. So simple, elegant and creative.

Haven’t Met You Yet – Ah, I love this kind of clips. Flash dancing style.

Feelin’ Good – Bublé in a cool James-Bond parody… what else can I do but to love it?

Save the Last Dance For Me – for the funny Asian salsa dance teacher. Haha. I want a dance teacher like him!

Oooh, guess what? He’s a Starbucks fan too!

And, I have to recommend his live performances – covers for Frank Sinatra, Maroon 5, and more. He’s a consistent performer. Thus, his live performances are as good as his recorded songs.

In the end, I think I’ll just recommend subscribing to Michael Bublé’s Youtube channel:

Ah, I am squealing like a six-year-old kid. Will he come to Malaysia or Singapore soon for another concert? Please, please do.


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