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Where is the best Starbucks outlet in Singapore?

Hands-down, the best one is in Orchard.


Because it’s the only outlet in Singapore that sells cone brewed coffee.

While waiting for my Sumatra coffee, the barista — a bald young man — explained to me why choosing cone-dripped instead of the normally brewed coffee is a better option.

“When we cone-drip coffee, coffee slowly seeps through the filter paper and because we use ceramics, the taste of the brewed coffee is not affected. But, when we use the machine, once the coffee touches the metal, the taste is instantly affected. However, cone brewed coffee takes a longer time to brew, and might be inconvenient for those in a rush.”

Another interesting fact I learned from this barista is that although the commonly brewed coffees in Starbucks are Sumatra, Guatemala, Kenya and Pike Place Roast, customers are free to choose and brew any of the other coffee types sold in Starbucks. Just see any interesting ones sold in the row and ask the barista to brew it for you.

I didn’t know all these before today’s visit to Starbucks. Frontline employees ought to emulate this barista – so willing to explain and leaving me with a feel-good feeling of revisiting Starbucks just to try the other brewed coffees.


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