It's my life!

A random note to say I’m back

Yesterday, my design group finally had an elbow joint prosthesis that we are proud of. After weeks of toiling, stressing and having meetings filled with frustration, we finally have one. It’s original, and plausible. And most importantly, we have something to fabricate this Friday.

And, after that meeting, I treated myself with an evening of melodious harmony by accomplished Italian flutist, Andrea Griminelli.

My euphoria from  yesterday’s flute recital is still lingering in my heart. I just feel like singing today. It’s raining now, so it is apt to sing… Singin’ in the rain – one of my favourite musicals.

A nursery rhyme comes into my mind too:

It’s raining, it’s pouring,
The old man is snoring,
Bumped his head…,
And he didn’t wake up in the morning.

Well, it has been a lot of randomness. Today is going to be another busy day too. A day for smiles, singing, biothermodynamics lab, green activism, and BBC radio.

Posting this via HTC Wildfire from my biomaterials lecture.


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