It's my life!

Bones are ruling my life. Blogging is delayed.

The chaos caused by my biomechanics lab report (that revolves around silk, copper and chicken bones) and my design group’s lack of ideas for an elbow joint prosthesis will cause a delay in my blogging.

Actually, these bone-filled tasks already have consumed so much of my time in the past few days that I am unable to blog the things I have in mind.

These might-have-been posts include a heady comparison of the mobile providers, Singtel and Starhub (a one-month headache that I hope will disappear by the end of this week), how an old-school ‘Ah Beng’-style emcee made a family competition hilarious during the VivoCity Treasure Hunt, the shouting rivalry between the owners of competing fruit hawker stalls in Bugis Street, and my review of the NYDC restaurant in Bugis Junction.

But, as I have to focus on this 20-page biomechanics lab report and to skim through about 112 patents to develop an elbow joint prosthesis prototype by next week, I will have to postpone writing these down.

Sadly, I have a strong suspicion that once this moment of inspiration passes, these ideas that are still fresh in my mind will be soon forgotten.

I have a memory span of around six months at most. To make it easier for people to understand, I’ve always likened myself to Dory in ‘Finding Nemo‘. In the past I did not keep a journal about the things I have listened, observed, or experienced. Within less than a year,  I have completely forgot the people I’ve met, the events I’ve organised, the places I’ve been to and the lessons I’ve learned.

It’s a pretty sad situation, really. Without memories, a person is like a hollow shell, just contributing its physical presence to its surroundings, but emotionally detached from the world. When I think back of my primary and high school days, it’s like I was brain-dead during that time. No brain activity. No consciousness. Just a huge crevice in my mind. A blank. ———-.

And thus, that is why I write. To treasure, remember and to share experiences.

Anyway, it’s time to get back to my lab report and patents. But, please stay in touch with Surfing Butterfly, I will be right back as soon as I can 🙂


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