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There’s hope! Engineering is not so dreary, after all!

An engineer skipping merrily along the hallways of the National University of Singapore.

Is this a fanciful notion dreamed up by a hopeful bioengineering student?

Mr. Blue Sky and its bright sunny companion reappeared today after their disappearance yesterday. And, there I was, strolling leisurely along the hallways of the chemical and biomolecular engineering department (Block E5), when I saw an average-build man skipping out of his work/study site in E5.

Lost in his own world, he was blind to all the surprised gazes that were following his every cheerful step as he skipped cheerfully towards the canteen. I don’t know about the other gawkers, but, I was left with a funny smile on my face.

It is a rare sight indeed to see such exuberant individuals in the engineering department of the National University of Singapore. In the faculty of arts, probably such occurrence would not even receive a lifted eyebrow. From the schools of science and computing, there might be quirky ones, popping here and there.  But, seldom in the engineering faculty. Very seldom in the engineering faculty.

The mundane clockwork life of an engineering student in NUS revolves around laboratories, lectures, tutorials, group meetings, libraries, and the computer labs. Sometimes, such as in my case this semester, requires the students to be in the campus from 9am to 9pm. This rigid schedule often saps the energy and enthusiasm of most students.

What a wonderful surprise to have been a witness of that scene. It gives me — the struggling bioengineer — hope that, “Hey, there might be something here [engineering studies], in the present or the near future, that will make all this hard work worthwhile.”

With that thought, I continued my way towards my design module mentor’s office in E2. Nothing much has changed, but, my mind was filled with more optimism and hope for a more cheerful 2 years in NUS.


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