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Making a green happy world. It’s just so simple!

I like TED. This education revolution is a wonderful concept, and I am proud that I was once part of the TEDx revolution.

I’m sharing Nic Marks’ talk on the Happy Planet Index today. I really like this one. Nic brought up a topic I can really identify with very well. Being a passionate environmental activist myself, I was beginning to feel that environmentalism has become a very dreary affair.

We keep harping on the bad things that will happen if we don’t save the world now. Continual deforestation will bring landslides, flash floods, habitat destruction, and biodiversity loss. If we don’t reduce our carbon footprint now, we will reach the tipping point, where the world temperature will increase by 2 degrees, and thus, ocean acidification, global warming, melting of the ice caps, and more consequences will set the world to a course towards apocalyptic times.

It has become such a pessimistic cause.

I like what Nic had mentioned, and I believe he’s right. Instead of instilling fear and caution to force change in people, we should inspire people with the happy vision we see for the world. Instill that dream in people, make them all feel that it is a goal we should all strive for.

A happy world filled with happy, satisfied people. A world where people are so happy that crime rates is low. A world where kindness and happiness are bountiful. A world where we can see the animals and corals we want anytime we want, instead of only in the encyclopedias or a rerun of the National Geographic series. A green world where we can breathe in the fresh clean air, instead of the dusty and choking smell of carbon monoxide fumes. A beautiful happy world.

It is so simple to be happy. We don’t need money to be happy (Well, of course, money makes life definitely more comfortable). But, happiness can be obtained by that simple stroll in the park, or listening to great music, or eating that decadent chocolate cake.

So, what have you done to be happy today? To repeat Nic’s everyday mantra of 5 simple things to be happy:

Be active
Take notice / mindfulness
Keep learning

It is just that simple to be happy and environmentally conscious. Just think of making a green, happy world;)


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