A dilemma about fur farms

Thoroughly disturbed by my lack of comprehension of biomechanics, and upon listening more bad news, I wondered why I chose to read up on another depressing issue. I guess it's the masochistic part in me. I continue to inflict emotional pain in myself, in hopes to induce positive reaction to solve those problems.

But, here it is. Because of my involvement with the upcoming Mooveez.org, I am writing about some thematic issues brought up by movies. When I was younger, one of my favourite Disney films was 101 Dalmatians. From this movie and its sequels, I became curious about the current state of the fur industry and fur farms.

It is a rather disheartening and confusing issue to get exposed to. On one hand, the fur industry has oppositions from vets and animal welfare groups such as PETA and Mercy. They have solid video evidence of animals suffering through inhumane skinning (http://www.peta.org/feat/chinesefurfarms/index.asp). On the other hand, the industry also has proponents from the fur farmers, fashion industry, and even academicians (http://www.montanatrappers.org/management/fur-farming.htm. After researching more about the source of this website, I'm beginning to think that the name of the authority might be fake). 

Should fur farms be banned? After all, in these fur farms, animals are bred domestically just like cows, chickens and pigs. To ban fur farms would be no different from banning food production farms. 

But, to allow fur farms to continue production, would humane treatment of the animals be enough to justify that these animals are being mass-produced for our sake? That, we would be killing them for their skin? Not to mention, there are unscrupulous farmers, who for the sake of reducing production costs, do not care for humane treatment of the animals. Somehow, I just can't reconcile with that. 

So, should fur farms be banned? Are they any different from domestic animals being mass-produced for their meat and milk? Am I being a hypocrite? I have already pledge to not use fur or eat shark fins, but, for now, I can't swear of meat. I am reducing my meat intake, but not completely. Am I being a hypocrite for not being a total vegetarian? 

It's such a dilemma to side with this issue. I probably can't solve this one yet, so, I'll pose this dilemma out there to the cosmos, to whoever's listening…


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