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Prologue: ‘Travel for quality, not quantity’

As I lay down on the bed applying Tiger Balm on my legs victimised by the vicious Italian mosquitoes, my mind is rapidly working through the numbness that had settled in since a few days ago.

I discovered that if I don’t put my thoughts in the written word for a period of time, my mind starts working overtime to repeatedly recall and remember the memories I want to keep until the point it gives up totally and thus, land me up in a state of dream-like laziness. I cannot let whatever I’ve seen, heard and learned be forgotten. And so, I lifted my heavy, lazy self to the computer, and started typing away.

It’s nearly 11pm on the 11th July 2010 when I started writing this. Under the amber lights of the private apartment we rented along the street Via del Corso in Rome, my mom is busy packing our things and my sister is sleeping soundly in the other room as I am typing my thoughts of my travel trip in the ASUS EEE laptop.
We have been travelling for more than 2 weeks now, with another week to go. We spent a short while in Sweden, and we have allocated 5 days to London, and 12 days to Italy. Three weeks, three countries.
During my one-year in Sweden, I’ve done a lot of travelling within Europe with the budget airlines, Ryanair and EasyJet. Due to the work demands of my internship, these travel trips had been short travelling stints of around 2-3 days per location. Though they had been enjoyable, one hard lesson I learned from these was that spending such a short time in a city never does the city justice. When I left Prague after spending only three days exploring it, an intense regret and sadness filled me. Back then, I told myself to avoid, if possible, spending such a brief time in a city. ‘Travel for quality, not quantity’ that is my goal for my summer vacation.
This is a story of my travel trips. Of what I’ve learned, observed, and heard. The cultural differences, the cool stuff, the complaining. To pace myself, I will be posting them in order of sequence of my travel: Sweden (Dalarna), UK (London), Italy inter-sparsed with random thoughts of the moment. Comments are welcomed.

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