Alexander Rybak releases his second album | ESC Radio – Eurovision Song Contest Eurosong Webradio

It’s 2.07 am, and I’m busy researching for my final market report for my OrganoClick AB, the company I’m interning for.

To maintain my motivation to finish up my work, I opened Spotify (a wondrous music-sharing software… and it’s legal) a few hours ago and I discovered that Alexander Rybak’s latest album has been added to Spotify.

Oh, gosh, how excited I was! Ever since attending his live performance in Kungsträdgården during the Stockholm Love Festival on the 12 June 2010, I’ve been hooked to his songs.

Nothing insightful in this blog post. It’s just a random piece by a girl rapidly becoming obsessed with this young violinist-singer-composer. 🙂