Sunday paradise at Nynäshamns kommun

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Because we were stingy, we took the SL public transport (the Pendeltåg) to Nynäshamn. The journey was 1 hour 45 minutes long. It didn’t seem that long, though. I guess it was the company I kept.

My policy that has worked well in every Swedish municipalities I’ve visited is that the first destination to visit is to the Tourist Information Office. In Swedish, it is called the Turistbyrå. From the office, we obtained maps, our bicycles (4 hours cost us SEK 60 each), best cycling routes and recommended places to eat.

Once I have adjusted myself to my bicycle, which was a tad too high for me, and overcame my unfamiliarity with the pedal-backwards-to-brake concept, we set off. Here we go, Nynäshamn!

Nynäshamn certainly lives up its reputation as a beautiful municipality by the Baltic sea. The sea water was clear, livened up by the many ducks and seabirds, as well as the many boats docked to the side. Many families took the opportunity to enjoy the summer sun by sitting on the rocky gravel beaches, fishing, cycling and picnicking.

The sun was shining triumphantly over the white cumulus clouds, and at several points during our cycling trip, we just parked our bicycles at the side of the road. To simply bask in the sun. To listen to the waves. To throw endless amounts of rocks into the sea.

Nynäshamn is such a beautiful and peaceful Swedish municipality by the sea. The clean and crisp air with crystal-clear water shimmering under the sunlight, accentuated by the sheer sereneness of the entire experience made this half-day outing just a wonderful memory to keep.


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