Hunting for an umbrella in Stockholm

Or, so I thought.

Today was my first thunderstorm in Stockholm. It was raining cats and dogs, and as I was desperate to attend the music festival, I searched high and low for an umbrella.

After hastily exploring three convenience stores (Pressbyrån, Hemkorp and ICA) and two leading shopping locations  (Åhlens & H&M), I have still yet to find an umbrella. It was such an unbelievable situation.

Back in Malaysia, umbrellas are available everywhere. There are even dispensing machines that supply umbrellas.

After more than half an hour of scuttling here and there, I managed to find on in a clothing store, Cubus. Despite the price tag, I bought a pretty umbrella with blue and white stripes for SEK 79.

Whew! My lesson learned for today: Different regions have different perspectives of the usage of similar items. Just because in Malaysia an umbrella with UV protection is a necessity, that does not mean it is needed in Sweden.

Ain’t my new umbrella so pretty? 😀

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