The aftermath of TEDxMälaren

People called us professional and organized. Richard Gatarski called us “the most professional students he had ever worked with”. Others told us how happy we were throughout the event, filling the venue with warmth and joy, unlike most events in Stockholm. My sister and many others told me how moving and memorable my brief presentation about how we should treasure our gold coin.

Our speakers were great, and I’m especially biased towards Karl-Henrik Ròbert because of my passion for the environment, and Brian Palmer because his speech of civic courage is just simply stunning and inspiring. With around 50 people in our venue, and over 440 live stream viewers from all over the world, we were excessively proud. 🙂

I would definitely miss my friends whom I have worked with for over 108 days for this event. I really hope that we won’t part ways after this event, as I oft have done.

But, for now, with only 10 more days before ending my internship, I can truly say that I’m leaving Sweden without regrets. I’ve done even more than what I’ve wanted to achieve 🙂

Logging out as co-lead of TEDxMälaren June 2010,
Chrissy Phoong

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